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We offer the highest quality products! Meaning...

Less clogging - Depth indicator on tube - Bevel locator on hub


This product is perfect for the majority of fillers/fat injections.
The inner lumen is extra large for a better flow and less clogging.
The cannula has centimetric markings and a red orientation locator for extra precision. 
This product is perfect for the YLIFT procedure!
 The cannula is a bit more rigid making vertical injections a breeze!
The cannula has no centimetric markings and no orientation locator. 
Award winning Easy Guide System! Newest way to inject safely!
Faster procedure and better healing.
Available for 6 sizes: 22G50, 23G70, 25G40, 25G50, 25G60, 27G40. 

FDA approved and legal for sale in the USA, CE and ISO 13485-2003 compliant.